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Originally of the company in 1938, creating a plant of machining, focused, due to its location in the Beaujolais, on couplings for wineries appliance. The casting of original parts, brass fittings, was produced by a neighboring business.

The activity is rapidly orienting towards more diversified industrial and in order to use and to fully control manufacturing fittings, the company acquired a foundry specialized in copper alloys; we are in 1963.

Then, faced with the transfer of parts made into bronze for aluminum; and also for streamline the means of production with new materials in a development perspective; a building is built on a plot of the Industrial Zone in Belleville (69) in 1974 to house the new aluminum foundry. This foundry is still present, there, parts are casted in aluminum and bronze!

Some thirty years later, the vagaries of the economy in industrial activities requiring significant investment, a recovery of the company by a group of aluminum refiners (ingots) is needed in 2004.

Having thus far contributed to ensure continuity even in consolidating its presence in new markets also became more competitive, shareholders, in 2011, decided to "SME" Triboulet Industry, consolidation of all activities (casting / machining / logistics) on a single site in the Industrial Zone in Belleville (69) as part of an extension of nearly 2000 m2. Triboulet Industry can now boast of being the only and last "French manufacturer of symmetrical connections" integrated, whose sustainability seems running ............

Manufacturer specialist for Symmetric Connectors Guillemin, DSP and AR "PN25"(Aluminium)
Leader in the Industry and for “Firefighters Equipment's Manufacturers”
Industrial Valves and for Fire (Aluminium, Bronze/Brass, Stainless Steel/Polypropylene)