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MANUFACTURER totally integrated FOR CONNECTORS Guillemin, DSP / AR / GFR ("Firefighting"), valves and fittings for industrial use. In Aluminum, bronze / brass and stainless steel (Inox).

Triboulet Industrie produces symetric connectors and industrial valves in a very wide range, from simple 1/2 shells raccords, to reductions / transformations / junctions in all standard diameters. Historically in the Beaujolais in wineries, today for many industrial uses applied for irrigation, sanitation, transportation and transfer of fluids / solids / powders / chemicals / hydrocarbons, as well as in the field of fire protection with connections DSP / AR / GFR "firemen" equipping flexibles or hoses, trucks, poles and other fixed fire installations, faucets (valves) dry risers .....

With industrial means of production, allowing the company to master the complete chain: from its own foundry   (gravity / sand) to the machining (CNC twin-spindle and robot) and the assembly and installation, as well as treatments surface and special finishes (anodisation. ..) We produce fittings in non-ferrous alloys, light aluminum alloy, copper (bronze / brass), and complement the range with stainless steel (Inox). Our tools and resources appropriate controls (metallurgical spectrometry, mechanical strength testing, dynamometer testing, sealing controls) guarantee perfect compliance with various standards and certifications.

All specific requests for special parts series (reductions / transformations ..), for unit or in small and medium quantities, non-catalog (more than 900) are possible on request for quote. Our catalog available online (www.triboulet-industrie.com) from tab "CATALOGUE", as well as our sales and technical teams that are at your disposal for any inquiries and making contact for an appointment from the email address linked; helps to meet all your needs and requirements !

Manufacturer specialist for Symmetric Connectors Guillemin, DSP and AR "PN25"(Aluminium)
Leader in the Industry and for “Firefighters Equipment's Manufacturers”
Industrial Valves and for Fire (Aluminium, Bronze/Brass, Stainless Steel/Polypropylene)